5 Tips To Master Your Cravings And Stop Them Sabotaging Your Wellness Goals

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It's NOT Your Fault

So many of us beat ourselves up when we give into cravings or our eating doesn't go as planned. We can feel a lot of shame around this. This doesn't help us change. In fact it keeps us stuck in the same old cycle. And I know from my own experience how demoralising that is. So I wanted to share this feedback from a client.

Discovering that imbalances in my body are triggering my cravings has taken away the shame of my overeating.

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5 Tips To Master Your Cravings And Feel Empowered Around Food.

Dawn Cuckow, author of the Amazon Bestseller The Body Effect: Discover what’s triggering your cravings and belly fat. Reveal your unique path to lasting weight loss

About The Author

Hi, I’m Dawn and I know how hard it can be to eat healthily when the cravings kick in! And my cravings were pretty extreme.

It wasn't until I worked with a clinical psychologist that my relationship with food started to normalise. I became interested in how our bodies work and how food affects us and eventually took a degree in Nutritional Therapy.

In my clinical work, I had a critical realisation that the difference between those clients who were making changes and getting the results they wanted  and those who weren’t was CRAVINGS. When you have cravings or a real urge to overeat, it’s not possible to stick to a plan or healthy eating - at least not for very long.

This realisation led to years of research into what triggers cravings and how you can reduce and even eliminate them. I discovered that when your body (your biochemistry) is out of balance it can trigger cravings. (It can also trigger you to store more fat or to store fat around your belly).

I now work with clients to  help them find a way of eating that is tailored to them that targets the imbalances in their body that are triggering their cravings and blocking their weight loss.   

 My clients have seen massive success using this approach, reducing cravings by an average of nearly 60% over 3 months and sustaining their weight loss.

You don’t have to live with cravings and I’m passionate about empowering women to get out of this cycle. I can’t wait to share my teachings with all of you.