The Body Effect Experience
for women
With Dawn Cuckow


The anti-diet method to reduce cravings and create your unique path to lasting weight loss...

So that you can increase your energy and always look and feel your best.



This transformational journey for women makes it so much easier to eat healthily and lose weight 

Have you tried dieting, then given up? Maybe you even found that you regained the weight, plus a bit more. 

If so. you are not alone!

The problem with diets is that...

  • they don't stop your cravings
  • they don't stop you giving your body the message to store fat
  • they don't stop the urge to overeat. 

But what if you could change all this?

It would make it so much easier to lose weight. And sustain a healthy weight. 



Introducing The Body Effect Experience

A personalised step-by-step approach to rebalance your body, so you get rid of cravings, reclaim your health and energy and naturally lose weight

The course is designed so that you can make one change at a time. Changes that you tailor to your dietary preferences and requirements and to the imbalances in your body that are blocking your weight loss. So that you find a sustainable way of eating that works for you long term, that kickstarts your health, energy and vitality!


When you join The Body Effect Experience, you get:

 ✅  The Rebalance Your Body Formula - so you target the root causes of your weight, eliminate cravings and overeating and stop giving your body the message to store fat; so you set up the conditions for lasting weight loss. And have all day energy and vitality so you always look and feel your best!


 ✅  Making Meals Workso it’s easy and becomes a habit to make healthy meals that fit into your lifestyle and that you enjoy


 Cravings Management System - your cravings don’t go overnight. This system will help reduce the amount you consume or make healthier choices while you are still rebalancing your body, so you don’t get thrown off track. It also helps you get out of the cycle of self-blame, so you feel better about yourself.


 Make-It-Work-For-You group coachingYou can bring any difficulties you are having to these calls and we will figure it out together, live in the training. You can share what has worked for you and be inspired by what works for other people. 


  1:1 coaching - so we can hone in on what you most need and get you the results you want


 ✅ Closed FB Group - so you can engage with other course participants, share the journey and get support.


 ✅ Unlimited email support from me


 Want to discover if The Body Effect Experience is a good fit for you?



Is The Body Effect Experience a good fit for you?


The Body Effect Experience is for women who:

  •  Know that quick-fix diets don't work and want to stop dieting so that they can end the cycle of restriction and limitation, of weight loss and regain.
  •  Want to discover their own way of eating that works for them rather than following a set plan so they are empowered to make lasting changes and sustain their weight loss without feeling deprived.
  • Are ready to take care of and work with their bodies so that they reclaim their energy and vitality and take charge of their health and well-being. 
  • Are ready to change their relationship with food so that they free up their mental energy, making it so much easier to be and express who they truly are. 
Want to explore whether The Body Effect Experience is a good fit for you? 


What People Say

"...really got out of this sugar cravings"

I was a bit desperate. I was still quite low on energy yet I had done and tried many things and I have a big knowledge about the human body. I didn't really know what to do more……[And the most important thing you got from the course?] The feeling of loving to take care of myself (rather than it being another burden on a huge to do list)… and really get out of this sugar cravings

- Simone

"So the positive change the programme has brought to me is brilliant. I have dropped a clothes size and am continuing to see a steady change in my body mass."

I was non cook, ready meal in my approach to food before starting Dawn's course. I can honestly say in the past two weeks since finishing the course I haven't eaten one ready meal. So the positive change the programme has brought to me is brilliant. I have dropped a clothes size and am continuing to see a steady change in my body mass. What Dawn has helped me to establish as a new routine is proving to be sustainable and enjoyable. 

- Olivia

"Feeling much better about where I am in my relationship to food"

Feeling much better about where I am in my relationship to food…..Learning to take care of my body through the proper/informed way is more important than taking part in any fad/crash diets.

- K.D



The 5 core modules of the course  are delivered on our private membership site.
Module 1
Module 1 - Starting Well

What you have for breakfast can set you up to eat more healthily throughout the day. Your breakfast choice can even help reduce snacking in the evening. Find a breakfast that works for you to start to reduce your cravings and the desire to overeat throughout the day.

Module 2 - Lay the foundations to reduce cravings and burn more fat

Discover what and how to eat to reduce hunger and bring your body into balance. The imbalances in your body have taken some time to develop and are not going to go overnight. But get on track to continue to reduce cravings and overeating; to encourage your body to burn more fat and to start to let go of belly fat. Lay the foundations to revitalise your health and energy as well as for lasting weight loss.

Module 2
Module 3
Module 3 - The Cravings Management System

It’s hard to eat healthily when you really want those unhealthy foods. In this module we focus on what you really need. Is it even food? If you are going to eat, find food choices that still give you what you feel you need in that moment but that don’t disrupt your body and that don't trigger more cravings. Lay the foundations for success even when you feel like you are going off track.

Module 4 - Set your lifestyle up for success

Set your lifestyle up to help you rebalance your body, reducing the urge to overeat or to reach for food to keep going. Make and build on small changes that help you achieve vibrant health and well-being.

Module 4
Module 5
Module 5 - Making meals work

Find your own way of eating that works for you long term, that fits into your lifestyle and dietary preferences and that keeps your body in balance. Give your body what it needs to reduce or even eliminate cravings and overeating long term. Make healthy eating and vibrant health a way of life, so you continue to lose excess weight and maintain your optimal healthy weight.

Want to explore whether The Body effect Experience is a good fit for you?

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Be the YOU that you want to be!


In your lifetime you will …

Eat 87 thousand meals

Grab 50,000 snacks and

Have 115,000 drinks, including coffee, tea, alcohol and sodas

Whether you intend it or not, you are shaping not just your weight, but also your health, your mood and your vitality. And that of your family.

Are you going to make this the year where you nourish and rebalance your body?

When you nourish and rebalance your body, you feel healthier and more energised and it is so much easier to be the you that you want to be. To fully express yourself and be who you truly are in the world. We are living in crazy, unsettled times and the world needs the best you NOW!

Is The Body Effect Experience is a good fit for you?