Customised Body Analysis

Your Body Profile: What's behind YOUR weight?

Discover, in just 90 minutes, what imbalances in your body are triggering cravings and the desire to overeat; that are making you store fat around your belly or reducing the amount of fat you burn.

So you know exactly what to target in YOUR body to make it so much easier to lose weight and sustain your weight loss, ending the need to try different one-size-fits-all diets.


At the end of this mini course, you will have a customised body analysis.

The course takes about 90 minutes to complete and you will have access for 4 days. 



Why is it so hard to lose weight or to sustain your weight loss?

Have you tried to lose weight, but couldn’t resist the cravings and found yourself reaching for a slice of cake? Then another. Does hunger or the desire to carry on eating throw you off course? Do you feel you just don’t have the willpower to stick to a weight loss plan? Or have you have lost weight, but then noticed that your clothes are getting uncomfortably tight again?

When your body is out of balance, this makes it hard to lose weight. Depending on the imbalance, it can cause cravings, overeating or the desire for sugary, fatty foods. It can reduce the amount of fat you burn and make you store fat around your belly.




But more than that, when your body is out of balance, you are likely to have other symptoms.

These could range from hormonal issues or aches and pains to frequent colds or infections. It could include bloating, low energy, depression or anxiety. When you feel like this, it can become harder to eat healthily, which can make the imbalances in your body worse.


The truth is more empowering than you may think




If you find losing weight difficult, this has nothing to do with lack of willpower, or not being good at dieting. Modern life can throw your body out of balance and these imbalances affect your weight. This mini-course will help you discover what is going on in your body that:

  • Causes cravings
  • Makes you want to reach for sugary food
  • Drives you to overeat
  • Makes you feel hungry even when you have had enough to eat
  • Reduces the amount of fat you burn, so even if you don’t eat much you still can’t shift the weight
  • Encourages your body to hold onto excess fat
  • Causes you to store fat around your belly
This is about more than just your weight. It's about your overall health and wellbeing, about being empowered to know what your body needs.

When you remove the imbalances in your body that cause you to crave foods, overeat or store more fat, it  makes it so much easier to lose weight. You also

  • Improve your health 
  • Reclaim your energy and vitality  
  • Boost your immune system


Introducing Your Body Profile: What's behind YOUR weight

Finally discover what's going on in your body that's making it hard for you to lose weight. 

You can start this mini-course at any time and either do in one go or fit it in whenever works for you. The course is a series of short videos (each no more than 5 and a half minutes). Each video is followed by a quiz to see if this imbalance is affecting you.

Woman meditating
Module 1: When hormone imbalances make you gain weight

Hormones are chemical messengers in your body. Discover if your hormones are out of balance and giving your body the message to eat more, to store more fat or even to store fat around your belly. 

Module 2: Why low nutrients and sugar affect your weight

Discover why it’s not just about the calories. Are you gaining weight because you are low in nutrients involved in fat regulation? Find out if sugar or artificial sweeteners are affecting your body in ways that make it harder to lose weight.

Woman meditating
Module 3: Do you have the guts to lose weight?

What goes on in your gut can affect your weight. Do you have more of the gut bacteria that cause weight gain? Discover how your gut is linked to food intolerances and whether this is behind your cravings.

Module 4: You may be burning less calories than you think

If your metabolism is slow, you burn less calories, so you put on weight more easily. Discover what affects your metabolism and if this is contributing to your weight.

Woman meditating
Woman meditating
Module 5: Everyday chemicals that make you gain weight

Some everyday chemicals are known as obesogens - even low levels of exposure can make you gain weight. Discover how you are exposed to these toxins and if they are encouraging your body to store more fat.

You can start the course at any time and either do in one go or fit it in whenever works for you. NOTE: YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE COURSE FOR 7 DAYS AFTER SIGNING UP

You are unique...




What is going on in your body that makes it hard for you to lose weight may not be the same as for someone else.

This is why, with weight loss, there is no one-size-fits all approach that works.

When you discover what is going on in YOUR body that is making it harder for you to lose weight, you find out what YOU need to target to make it so much easier to lose weight and sustain your weight loss.


About Dawn Cuckow

Dawn is a nutritional therapist specialising in weight loss and author of The Body Effect. Many people struggle to eat as healthily  as they would like. Dawn helps you discover why your body craves calorific foods and why it stubbornly refuses to let go of extra weight. Her approach uses food therapeutically to bring your body back into balance and remove these blocks to weight  loss. She believes that food is meant to be enjoyed. That eating healthily does not mean depriving yourself.  

Prior to retraining as a Nutritional Therapist, Dawn worked internationally in the IT industry, in the UK, Europe and Asia. She retrained, gaining a degree in Nutritional Therapy and graduated with distinction from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London.